I joined George Mason University in 2001.  My main department is Economics, but I also have appointments in the Law School and the Neuroscience Program.


I founded the  Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics in 2004.  It is currently co-directed by myself and Frank Krueger.


I am also on the faculty at ICES (The interdisciplinary center for the Study of Neuroeconomics) and the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study.


I am an IFREE -- International Foundation for research in Experimental Economics-- distinguished scholar.  You can read a short blurb about me here.

eJournal Neuroeconomics

I am co-editor of the SSRN e-Journal in Neuroeconomics with Michael Jensen.

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I did my graduate work in economic theory at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1985.   Since then I've been doing doing economics research.  My first job was at the University of Arizona where I was fortunate enough to meet up with Vernon Smith and learn from him the experimental method in economics.  My first paper, an experiment on 'fiat' money, was published in 1989.  As my interest turned to experimental economics it became clear that I needed to learn more about institutional economics, so I left Arizona for a year to do a post-doc with Douglass North at Washington University in St. Louis.



Terraeconomicus is a group of islands (regions) that I maintain in Second Life to teach and do research on virtual worlds.


EconWillow is a toolkit for running economics experiments in Python and HTML.  It was written by Jaap Weel, one of my graduate students who ended up working for Facebook.  The willow API makes it easy to create a subject interface on a webpage and network together many subjects into a single networked experiment.  The manual for EconWillow can be downloaded here.

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