My teaching philosophy is simple.  At a university we seek new knowledge that improves our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  In my classes I seek to convey this new knowledge so our students can be at the front in applying this new knowledge.  This requires students to have an active working knowledge and not simply a passive memorized knowledge.  The guts of my courses promote the active mind through the following process.  Experience -- Dissect -- Relate -- Apply (Repeat).  My belief is that everyone is different in the skills they can learn to employ to apply their knowledge, but everyone can apply this knowledge and by following this simple process can develop the confidence to use their active working knowledge.



Terraeconomicus is a group of islands (regions) that I maintain in Second Life to teach and do research on virtual worlds.


EconWillow is a toolkit for running economics experiments in Python and HTML.  It was written by Jaap Weel, one of my graduate students who ended up working for Facebook.  The willow API makes it easy to create a subject interface on a webpage and network together many subjects into a single networked experiment.  The manual for EconWillow can be downloaded here.

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